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Painting Begins

Drywall, mud and sanding complete, it’s on to the painting. Image

Our friend and neighbor Brett Hernandez of Suburban Painting is bringing his professional skills to the job.


Of Siding and Dry Wall

Siding-in-FrontThe siding on the new store building was finished in February. As you all know, there was a number of days the crew couldn’t work outside due to the extreme cold, but they got it done!

I’m so glad Ray put the first coat of paint on the siding before it went up. It still needs another coat of paint, but even with just one coat it makes it look closer to being finished.

While the outside is starting to look complete, there is still a lot of work to do inside the store. Ray’s been working hard on all the dry wall work. First putting it up, and then mudding and taping and mudding and taping, three coats and then it will be ready for sanding. Ray hates sanding.

Dry-Wall-in-StoreHere’s a couple pictures of the dry wall going into place in the new store. The first photo is of the left side of the store if you are standing at the front door. This is where the dog food section will be. The opening at the back is for the storage room.


The second picture was taken from the front right corner of the store. In this view you can see the register area that will be under the stairs that go up to the upper level.


Pipes, Wire and Gravel

The place was a swarm of activity this past week. The back wall of the store was painted to ensure we don’t get water leaking into the building.
The plumber, Bruce Wellman, was on site to start run the water lines to the new store building and Kaps Krew Electric was there to run the electrical lines to the new store building. All of which needs to go through the foundation.
Electric going in
Once the plumbing and electric lines had been run, and we installed drains around the foundation for water run off, Fred Fields started the work of bringing the ground back up to grade and filling gravel in the center in preparation for the floor to be poured.
Filling with gravel

Things are Happening!

At Dog Wild Canine Supply we love dogs (and cats too)! So we have a dream of taking our store and expanding to our own piece of property where we can have not only a store, but also a place for doggie daycare and over-night care.

The opportunity came when the house and property next to our current store came up for sale. We made an offer and it was accepted. Actually getting to the closing date took a long eight months, but we got there in July of 2012. The house was in rough shape and the property needed to be developed, but we had a start.

Dog Wild House

While Ray started working nights and weekends to gut the inside of the house back to the studs, Dana developed the business plan. Together we gathered quotes from contractors and took the proposal to the bank at the beginning of April 2013. A friend put together this artist rendering to give everyone a visual of where we wanted to go.

Dog Wild Future

April to August has been satisfying the needs of the bank and particularly the SBA in order to get the funding we need to make our dream into a reality. Finally we are moving forward with the ability to bring in contractors and get started on the big pieces! Trees are coming down, and a big one – the worn out garage is coming down!

Barn Before

Barn Coming Down Fred Fields, our site-work contractor, brought in his big equipment and made short work of the ugly pink garage. What had been a building was soon a pile of rubble. After two days and six truck loads hauled to the dump, the garage was gone and the space was opened up.

Barn Down

Barn is gone

Going forward from here, we hope to see activity and progress every week as we move toward the construction of the new store building, renovation of the house, and the installation of a large amount of fencing.

More blog entries and pictures to come as we share our progress toward the best dog and cat place in Cooperstown!