Sprakers Border Collie Update


Here’s the latest press release information from Glen Highland Farm on the Border Collies in Sprakers New York:

Glen Highland Farm was asked by the Montgomery County SPCA to assist in the seizure of the Flat Creek Border Collies in Sprakers, NY. There are now 35 Border Collies in our care, with 25 of them fully surrendered to Rescue. Ten are in our care awaiting court proceedings. 

Each dog is being fully evaluated by veterinarians and rescue staff with respect to their condition. A full report will be provided to the SPCA. 

The "Sprakers" dogs that are now part of GHF rescue
are NOT available for adoption at this time.
We will not be answering any inquiries at this time.

So the good news is that most of the Sprakers dogs have been surrendered and will now get the care they need. The big job for Glen Highland Farm right now is to get these dogs settled, vetted, cleaned up, and then to try to understand the personality and individual needs of each dog.

While the Farm is not taking inquiries about these dogs, you can help by donating a bag of food through Dog Wild Canine Supply. We deliver to the Farm regularly and Taste of the Wild is the food used by most dogs at this time. You can find out more about the donation process on the Glen Highland Farm website http://www.glenhighlandfarm.com/dogsavailable.htm, or by calling Dog Wild at 607-547-5261.

Puppies as Commodities

I’m not usually too political, but this one hits close to home, literally.

ImageMany of you have met our latest rescue Fennec. He was very lucky, he was bought out of Spraker’s puppy mill and ultimately ended up at Glen Highland Farm Border Collie Rescue and then at our house. But the puppy mill is still there and it’s run by someone who clearly sees these dogs as a commodity. This video was taken Friday with all the dogs out in the sub-zero temperatures. In one frame you can see a young dog huddled by the gate hoping for compassion.


The police say the owner has not broken any laws and this may be true based on how the laws are written in NY. There is tougher legislation being proposed, but the governor needs to be encouraged to sign it. The deadline for a signature is January 10, 2014. Learn more about the legislation and consider adding your voice to let the governor know that we don’t condone this type of treatment of dogs.


Weather Tight

Work continues on the new Dog Wild store building. In the past few weeks, all the doors and windows have been installed, so the building is weather tight for the winter.


On the inside, all the electrical rough wiring has been complete and all of the insulation has been installed. The inspection is complete, so the next step is covering the ceiling and walls with drywall.


While we can put the drywall up without heat in the building, we won’t be able to tape and mud anything until we can warm up the space. The good news is that Norton’s is due to come in this week to install the boiler and get everything hooked up.

On the outside of the building, the next step is to install the siding. That will happen when our contractor gets freed up from some other projects, but in the meantime we put one coat of paint on everything to give it a head start. We’ll give it all another coat in the spring when the weather warms up.


From the Ground Up

Now we’re getting to the really fun part – the new store building is going up! The walls were fabricated by Quality Construction off-site and delivered, ready to be put together like a big jigsaw puzzle.

Walls Delivered

Ben Inglalls and crew got to work within a couple days the first floor was up and the deck laid for the second floor.

Walls going up

The opening in the deck will be for a staircase that will provide interior access to the second floor.

Opening for 2nd flr

The second delivery from Quality Construction brought the walls for the second floor and the roof joists. With the second floor erected, the framing was complete and the plywood for the roof was put in place.

Second Flr Up

The building structure is a  Zip System® and the seams are covered with Zip Tape, all the latest in modern construction, it’s insulated plywood and made to withstand weather during the construction phase, as well as eliminate the need for house wrap.

Almost done front

Here are some pictures of the almost completed building structure.

Back View

And a picture from across the road. As you can see, the scale is similar to the house. (If you weren’t sure, our financing for the project is through NBT bank.)

From the road

So, the first floor of the new building will become the new retail store location. The second floor will be some storage and will have a room for events or indoor doggie daycare in bad weather. The adjacent house will be remodeled for doggie daycare and overnight care on the first floor, with a caretaker’s apartment on the second floor.

Heat and Concrete

I haven’t posted an update for a while, but that doesn’t mean that things have been stalled. The store building is moving along nicely. We decided to install radiant heat, so that needed to be laid in the floor of the store before the final concrete was poured.


With the tube laid, a gauge shows us that the tubes are holding pressure. From here you keep your fingers crossed that the gauge doesn’t show a loss in pressure after the concrete goes down!


With the heat tubing in place, the concrete trucks came back to lay the floor.

Cement Floor Pour

And finally early last week the last of the concrete was poured with the creation of a sidewalk alongside the building to support the hand-trucks that deliver our products and pads in front of the doors. Over in the house, the rough electric is being run and the plumbing has been started, coinciding with work on the new septic system. Stay tuned for pictures of the store frame going up!

Pipes, Wire and Gravel

The place was a swarm of activity this past week. The back wall of the store was painted to ensure we don’t get water leaking into the building.
The plumber, Bruce Wellman, was on site to start run the water lines to the new store building and Kaps Krew Electric was there to run the electrical lines to the new store building. All of which needs to go through the foundation.
Electric going in
Once the plumbing and electric lines had been run, and we installed drains around the foundation for water run off, Fred Fields started the work of bringing the ground back up to grade and filling gravel in the center in preparation for the floor to be poured.
Filling with gravel

Frost Walls Up

The next phase of the new store construction happened this week as the frost walls were formed and poured. The back of the store goes into the hillside a little bit, making the back wall all concrete.Pouring-Cement

Setting the forms took a little longer than planned, so concrete trucks were backing up in the driveway before the pouring began – never a good thing, but the crew from Porter’s Excavating & Concrete worked hard to get it all done. Four concrete trucks later and with the daylight fading, they ended up finishing under the lights. A long day for them all.

Frost walls done.

The store takes shape.

Also last week Kaps Krew Electric was in to install the upgraded electric Kaps Krew truck.service that will support the store, daycare, and the care-taker’s apartment upstairs. The old electric junction box had been precariously pulling away from the house, so it’s great to have a shiny new box with three service lines – it looks so professional!

New electric box

Footings First

Another step forward yesterday with the rebar getting set and the foundation footings  for the new store building being poured.


Concrete footings for the new store building

A special thank you to the guys from Porter’s Excavating and Concrete for hanging around for two hours waiting for the concrete truck to show up!


Kudos to Porter’s crew.

Ground Breaking News

Fred Fields breaks ground

Fred Fields starts to clear the area for the new store foundation.

This morning we broke ground on the new Dog Wild store location. The first step is removing the top soil and then they’ll be digging down to define the footprint for the concrete.

At the end of the day we had a big hole.

At the end of the day we had a big hole.

SBA Closing

It’s official! We signed all the paperwork this morning to close on the SBA Guaranteed loan that will give us the money we need to build the new Dog Wild store, to install the fencing, and to finish renovating the house for day care and boarding.

Pretty similar to the amount of paperwork it takes for a mortgage and about the same mixed feelings of excitement and signing your life away. But we’ve been working on this for quite a while now, so it’s great to finally have this milestone behind us and now it’s full steam ahead on construction.

Blu joined us for the closing. Here’s his picture with John the local NBT Bank manager.Blu at the bank