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We’ve Moved!

Last Sunday was the big move day and thanks to a bunch of friends it went smoothly. A long, but successful day. This week we settle into the new space and next week the Doggie Day Care opens!
Stop by, say hi and check it out!

Moving Out

Moving out of Maple Ridge Plaza

Grooming Room

First stop for many of the items moved as the new Grooming room.

Setting up the new store

The new store is starting to look like a real store.

Approved for Occupancy

Yesterday we received the official notification that we were approved for occupancy in the new store building! The last couple months have been filled with getting the details finished. Here are some pictures of the progress.

Work on the check out counter continues. Ray created a nice design detail for the corner ledge.

Work on the check out counter continues. Ray created a nice design detail for the corner ledge.

The back door from the second floor now has both stairs and a ramp.

The back door from the second floor now has both stairs and a ramp.

The interior staircase gets the first coat of poly.

The interior staircase gets the first coat of poly.

The Dog Wild sign goes on the front of the building.

The Dog Wild sign goes on the front of the building.

Getting Closer…

Now that the weather has been getting better, we’ve been able to move some things along that had been on hold over the winter. Tallman’s Tree Service was brought in to remove a few more trees around the front of the property to allow us to widen the driveway and increase the sight lines.


Some nice warm days have allowed the exterior of the building to receive the second coat of paint that was needed. And at the end of April the tar pits opened up, which allowed Gifford’s Paving to come in and lay the asphalt down for the driveway and alongside the buildings. Now things are really starting to look good on the outside of the building.


On the inside there is still more finishing work to be done, but quite a bit of progress has been made in the last six weeks. The interior is fully painted, the finish electric has been done, the plumbing is in, the floors are down (thanks Crazy Tom’s) and Ray has been working on the cherry bead board that dresses the checkout counter.


Still on the to do list:

A railing along the side of the building for handicap access.


Interior doors

Checkout countertop

Sealing the floors

Trimming out doors and windows

Baseboard tiling in the front half of the store


And about a dozen other things, but we’re getting there. No move date has been selected yet, but we’re hoping to be able to relocated the store sometime in June. Stay tuned for specifics.

Painting Begins

Drywall, mud and sanding complete, it’s on to the painting. Image

Our friend and neighbor Brett Hernandez of Suburban Painting is bringing his professional skills to the job.


Of Siding and Dry Wall

Siding-in-FrontThe siding on the new store building was finished in February. As you all know, there was a number of days the crew couldn’t work outside due to the extreme cold, but they got it done!

I’m so glad Ray put the first coat of paint on the siding before it went up. It still needs another coat of paint, but even with just one coat it makes it look closer to being finished.

While the outside is starting to look complete, there is still a lot of work to do inside the store. Ray’s been working hard on all the dry wall work. First putting it up, and then mudding and taping and mudding and taping, three coats and then it will be ready for sanding. Ray hates sanding.

Dry-Wall-in-StoreHere’s a couple pictures of the dry wall going into place in the new store. The first photo is of the left side of the store if you are standing at the front door. This is where the dog food section will be. The opening at the back is for the storage room.


The second picture was taken from the front right corner of the store. In this view you can see the register area that will be under the stairs that go up to the upper level.


Siding Goes On

Bill Lamb Construction has been on the job since late December installing the siding on the new store building. This time of year the conditions aren’t always favorable for working outside, so when there’s a good day, they’re out there making the most of it.



Over the last couple days, Ray installed a new, weatherized door for the overnight care entrance. It still needs framed out and finished, but it will be preserving a lot more inside heat than the old, single pane slider door that use to be there.


Weather Tight

Work continues on the new Dog Wild store building. In the past few weeks, all the doors and windows have been installed, so the building is weather tight for the winter.


On the inside, all the electrical rough wiring has been complete and all of the insulation has been installed. The inspection is complete, so the next step is covering the ceiling and walls with drywall.


While we can put the drywall up without heat in the building, we won’t be able to tape and mud anything until we can warm up the space. The good news is that Norton’s is due to come in this week to install the boiler and get everything hooked up.

On the outside of the building, the next step is to install the siding. That will happen when our contractor gets freed up from some other projects, but in the meantime we put one coat of paint on everything to give it a head start. We’ll give it all another coat in the spring when the weather warms up.