Sprakers Border Collie Update


Here’s the latest press release information from Glen Highland Farm on the Border Collies in Sprakers New York:

Glen Highland Farm was asked by the Montgomery County SPCA to assist in the seizure of the Flat Creek Border Collies in Sprakers, NY. There are now 35 Border Collies in our care, with 25 of them fully surrendered to Rescue. Ten are in our care awaiting court proceedings. 

Each dog is being fully evaluated by veterinarians and rescue staff with respect to their condition. A full report will be provided to the SPCA. 

The "Sprakers" dogs that are now part of GHF rescue
are NOT available for adoption at this time.
We will not be answering any inquiries at this time.

So the good news is that most of the Sprakers dogs have been surrendered and will now get the care they need. The big job for Glen Highland Farm right now is to get these dogs settled, vetted, cleaned up, and then to try to understand the personality and individual needs of each dog.

While the Farm is not taking inquiries about these dogs, you can help by donating a bag of food through Dog Wild Canine Supply. We deliver to the Farm regularly and Taste of the Wild is the food used by most dogs at this time. You can find out more about the donation process on the Glen Highland Farm website http://www.glenhighlandfarm.com/dogsavailable.htm, or by calling Dog Wild at 607-547-5261.


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