Weather Tight

Work continues on the new Dog Wild store building. In the past few weeks, all the doors and windows have been installed, so the building is weather tight for the winter.


On the inside, all the electrical rough wiring has been complete and all of the insulation has been installed. The inspection is complete, so the next step is covering the ceiling and walls with drywall.


While we can put the drywall up without heat in the building, we won’t be able to tape and mud anything until we can warm up the space. The good news is that Norton’s is due to come in this week to install the boiler and get everything hooked up.

On the outside of the building, the next step is to install the siding. That will happen when our contractor gets freed up from some other projects, but in the meantime we put one coat of paint on everything to give it a head start. We’ll give it all another coat in the spring when the weather warms up.



2 responses to “Weather Tight

  1. Elizabeth Perry

    WHEW ! Good feeling to have it all “dried in” as we said out in Wyoming.

  2. Thanks for the update! So glad you could make it weather-ready before full winter sets in. You seem to have good sub-contractors! Of course, Ray as the contractor is great!

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