From the Ground Up

Now we’re getting to the really fun part – the new store building is going up! The walls were fabricated by Quality Construction off-site and delivered, ready to be put together like a big jigsaw puzzle.

Walls Delivered

Ben Inglalls and crew got to work within a couple days the first floor was up and the deck laid for the second floor.

Walls going up

The opening in the deck will be for a staircase that will provide interior access to the second floor.

Opening for 2nd flr

The second delivery from Quality Construction brought the walls for the second floor and the roof joists. With the second floor erected, the framing was complete and the plywood for the roof was put in place.

Second Flr Up

The building structure is a  Zip System® and the seams are covered with Zip Tape, all the latest in modern construction, it’s insulated plywood and made to withstand weather during the construction phase, as well as eliminate the need for house wrap.

Almost done front

Here are some pictures of the almost completed building structure.

Back View

And a picture from across the road. As you can see, the scale is similar to the house. (If you weren’t sure, our financing for the project is through NBT bank.)

From the road

So, the first floor of the new building will become the new retail store location. The second floor will be some storage and will have a room for events or indoor doggie daycare in bad weather. The adjacent house will be remodeled for doggie daycare and overnight care on the first floor, with a caretaker’s apartment on the second floor.


2 responses to “From the Ground Up

  1. Looking good! Local built, local financing, how about local insurance!?
    Bieritz Insurance, local, strong ,Indepenpdent!
    Best wishes!!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Steve. Sorry, but we went with the Putnam Agency on this one.

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