Heat and Concrete

I haven’t posted an update for a while, but that doesn’t mean that things have been stalled. The store building is moving along nicely. We decided to install radiant heat, so that needed to be laid in the floor of the store before the final concrete was poured.


With the tube laid, a gauge shows us that the tubes are holding pressure. From here you keep your fingers crossed that the gauge doesn’t show a loss in pressure after the concrete goes down!


With the heat tubing in place, the concrete trucks came back to lay the floor.

Cement Floor Pour

And finally early last week the last of the concrete was poured with the creation of a sidewalk alongside the building to support the hand-trucks that deliver our products and pads in front of the doors. Over in the house, the rough electric is being run and the plumbing has been started, coinciding with work on the new septic system. Stay tuned for pictures of the store frame going up!


4 responses to “Heat and Concrete

  1. Drove by on Friday and saw all the action. Hope you don’t hit any major bumps during construction. Amy/Buckeye

  2. Wow, it’s really coming along! It was a beautiful day to work too. The photos are really informative. Nancy/Mom

  3. Love being able to watch the progress from afar on your new building! Thanks! Always wishing you well! Aunt Judy

  4. Incredible, it’s definitely on its way combined! It absolutely was a lovely morning to figure way too. The particular pics are really educational.

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