Frost Walls Up

The next phase of the new store construction happened this week as the frost walls were formed and poured. The back of the store goes into the hillside a little bit, making the back wall all concrete.Pouring-Cement

Setting the forms took a little longer than planned, so concrete trucks were backing up in the driveway before the pouring began – never a good thing, but the crew from Porter’s Excavating & Concrete worked hard to get it all done. Four concrete trucks later and with the daylight fading, they ended up finishing under the lights. A long day for them all.

Frost walls done.

The store takes shape.

Also last week Kaps Krew Electric was in to install the upgraded electric Kaps Krew truck.service that will support the store, daycare, and the care-taker’s apartmentĀ upstairs. The old electric junction box had been precariously pulling away from the house, so it’s great to have a shiny new box with three service lines – it looks so professional!

New electric box


One response to “Frost Walls Up

  1. Yes. Professional indeed.

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