Nature’s Variety Announces a Recall

Nature’s Variety has announced a voluntary recall on their Prairie Beef Meal & Barley Medley Kibble formula for dogs, due to an “off-odor” that may develop over time in some bags.

Here’s what they are saying:

At Nature’s Variety, we make every effort to ensure that all of our products meet the highest quality standards. We’ve recently found that some bags of Prairie Beef Kibble Canine have an “off-odor” smell. This product is not contaminated in any way, but is not remaining fresh for the shelf life of the product. Not all bags are affected and the “off-odor” smell may develop over time. To be sure that our customers only receive the freshest and highest quality product possible, we have decided to voluntarily recall all Prairie Beef kibble from the marketplace.

The products impacted are listed below:

UPC# 7 69949 60420 4 – Prairie Beef Meal & Barley Medley Kibble for Dogs 5 lb

UPC# 7 69949 60425 9 – Prairie Beef Meal & Barley Medley Kibble for Dogs 15 lb

UPC# 7 69949 60430 3 – Prairie Beef Meal & Barley Medley Kibble for Dogs 30 lb

UPC# 7 69949 60432 7 – Prairie Beef Meal & Barley Medley Kibble for Dogs 3 oz sample

No other Nature’s Variety products are affected.

We encourage consumers to reach out to Nature’s Variety directly by calling our Consumer Relations team at 1-888-519-7387 to answer any questions they have. They can also email us at

The Nature’s Variety website ( will also provide information for consumers on the recall.


Pet health and safety is our top priority. Although we are in the process of investigating the exact cause of this incident, Nature’s Variety takes every step necessary to ensure the quality and safety of our products. Our quality control and quality assurance programs include, but are not limited to: Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), a Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) program, regular lot segregation, and other industry best practices.

Nature’s Variety also adheres to these specific quality measures:

  • Our ingredients are sourced from USDA inspected facilities, and/or facilities regulated by the FDA
  • We adhere to state and federal regulations regarding product safety
  • Manufacturing facilities are regularly monitored by third party auditors

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