Blu’s Product Picks – Organic Dry Dog Food

Not that many years ago the number of choices available for high-quality dry dog food was pretty limited, but these days there a quite a few options to choose from. So how to raise the bar on dry dog food? Introduce ORGANIC ingredients!

There are a few different companies that offer dry dog food with organic ingredients, but our dogs are currently enjoying these two: by Nature Organics and Health Extension Original.

by Nature Organics includes not only organic chicken as the first ingredient, but also includes organic grains, vegetables and fruits, such as organic ground brown rice, organic ground oats, organic peas, carrots and cranberries. The kibble is essentially round and the size is quite small, about half the size of a pea. The protein content is 27%.

In addition to the dry kibble, by Nature Organics offers 4 canned food varieties 2 of which are 100% meat (one is organic turkey, one is organic chicken). The other two canned formulas are a mixture of meat and vegetables.

The other food my guys are really enjoying right now is Health Extension Original formula by Vet’s Choice. While the only organic ingredient in this formula is the first ingredient – organic chicken, the rest of the ingredients are high quality, with all formulas including: fish oil, primrose oil, glucosamine, chondroitin, colostrum, blue green algae, prebiotics and probioitcs. The kibble is a thick disc shape, but also small, about the size of a small pea. The protein content is 24%. For folks with small dogs looking for a small kibble size, the Health Extension Little Bites formula has the smallest kibble I’ve seen.

Vet’s Choice claims that All Health Extension products are made in the USA and none of the raw materials used in the production of the food originate in China. The company, located in Melville, NY, family owned and in operation since 1975, has never been involved in a recall.


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