Blu’s Product Picks – Tropiclean Water Additive

Tropiclean Water Additive

If you’ve ever had to pay $500 or more to have your dog or cat’s teeth cleaned, then it might be time to consider some of the oral hygiene products available on the market today. Topiclean’s natural Fresh Breath Water Additive is easy to use and really does work to significantly reduce the amount of plaque and tarter on your pet’s teeth.
Just like with people, when dogs or cats have persistent bad breath, it is usually caused by poor oral hygiene or oral disease. By reducing plaque and improving oral health, the bad breath goes away too.
As a water additive, just add a teaspoonful of the product to your pet’s water at least once a day (the company recommends every time you fill the water bowl). The product ingredients include aloe vera and green tea extract, which you will be able to smell when you use the product. That means your pet can smell it too.
I thought the smell might lead my dogs to drink less water, so I only used the product once a day, but the dogs seemed to get use to the smell after a couple days and it didn’t seem to bother them in any way. I used the product consistently for about two months and definitely noticed a reduction in the amount of plaque and build up on all the dog’s teeth.
If this helps avoid an expensive dental cleaning for the dogs, including avoiding the anesthetic that comes with a dental cleaning, and it improves their overall heath, I’m all for it.
There are other products on the market the make the same or similar claims, such as the water additive from Pet Kiss. Also a natural product, the Pet Kiss product did not have as strong of a smell and seemed to do an equally good job at removing the plaque from the dog’s teeth.


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