Are Designer Breeds the New Green?

Ok, I might be mixing metaphors here, but my thoughts on this topic are still forming, so I’m giving myself some latitude.


With the Westminster Dog Show earlier this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about dog breeds and the problems that are happening with breeding for looks as oppose to function. This is one of those topics where the more you learn, the more upsetting and maddening it gets – dogs whose breeding has resulted in skulls too small for their brains, or noses that make it hard to breath, or breeding that has resulting in the dogs no longer being able to conceive and give birth naturally.

There was a BBC documentary recently called Pedigree Dogs Exposed that brought this topics front and center. Last spring, this topic was on ABC Nightline in a shorter, easier to watch segment:


If the way to pull out of this downward spiral is to cross-breed dogs to regain genetic diversity and functional normality, such as breeding a snub-nosed Boston Terrier with a pointy-nosed Jack Russell, then maybe these folks that are creating Labradoodles, Beabulls , Chesadors and Pompoos might be on to something after all.


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