Cesar’s Magazine

If you haven’t seen it yet, Cesar Millan now has a quarterly magazine. The man is an amazing marketing machine. He seems to have endorsed about a zillion products and most of them are advertised in his magazine.

If you were hoping for a magazine full of information and training tips you will be disappointed. On the other hand, if you were hoping for a version of People magazine with dogs, you’ll be satisfied.

I discovered the second issue of his magazine while at the airport earlier this month. I saw it on the newsstand and picked it up to leaf through it. I stopped when I recognized the picture of someone I had worked with during the Hurricane Katrina rescue effort several years ago. With someone like Johanna Harris featured in the magazine, I figured it was worth the $4.99 cover price, so I picked it up.

Unfortunately the article on Johanna, as well as the other stories in the magazine, is all fluff with no real content to speak of. There are a lot of glossy pictures of dogs and celebrities, but even the sections that feature training advice don’t have enough details to give anyone guidance.

When the Cesar Millan television show first became popular, I would grimace at how he made everything look easy. It’s never that easy. Over time, his show has improved; he uses treats sometimes and he seems to explain his process a little better. I have no doubt that this man has a unique ability to communicate with dogs, but I’d take Victoria Stilwell any day if I could only watch one dog training TV personality.

Maybe someday Victoria will start a magazine, or maybe just sticking with wonderful trainers and writers such as Patricia McConnell and Pat Miller who are featured in magazines like Bark or Whole Dog Journal is good enough.


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