New Microchip Locator Tools

MicrMicrochip image from How Stuff Worksochips can be a great option for dogs and cats. They won’t come off like a tag or a collar can, but if your pet is lost someone has to have the ability to scan for the chip and then if a number is identified, they have to track the number.

Since there are seven different pet identification microchip registries, there are a couple new web tools trying to make it easier to link a lost pet back to their owner. Right now there are two services available, one from the American Animal Hospital Association and one from a company called Chloe Standard. Both services rely on information being provided from the microchip manufacturers and distributors. In addition both services are relatively new, so the databases of information are still in development.

If your pet has a microchip, try entering the number in the lookup tool from each company and see if your registration is found.

If the registration is located, take the next step to check with the registry to confirm that your current contact information is up to date. And if the registration is not found through either service, contact the registry you used to make sure you are still listed in their database.


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  1. It is good and rear

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