Puppy Mill Busted – 8 Dogs Come to Glen Highland Farm

swafford1Glen Highland Farm Sweet Border Collie Rescue is the salvation 8 Borders Collies freed from a horrendous puppy mill in Tennessee thought they might never see.

These lucky 8 dogs are just a few out of the 108 Border Collies that were rescued from a puppy mill in Sumner County TN. Of the rescued Border Collies, 53, including many puppies, remain in Tennessee awaiting the court trial of “breeder” Richard Swafford. The other 55 dogs have been distributed to area rescue groups, including Glen Highland Farm.

While the 8 dogs that arrived at Glen Highland Farm have taken the first step to a better life, there is a lot of work ahead. The dogs arrived matted with feces and flea invested. One older female tested positive for heartworm and could barely stand to walk. An older male, likely used as a stud, is dog aggressive. And all of the dogs have horrible teeth, brown and smelly.

Glen Highland Farm will spay/neuter all of the dogs and address their medical and dental needs. In addition, the Farm is looking for volunteers who might have some time over the next 3 weeks (9/28-10/18) to assist with the additional work load in adding so many dogs at once. This number of dogs is not hard for the Farm but having the sudden change in numbers means extra hands are needed at this moment.

As these special rescue dogs are under socialized, they will needed extended time in rescue to get them healthy and to find them families that will give them the love they deserve.

To volunteer please email the Farm at sweetbcrescue@citlink.net

Or to donate financially visit the Glen Highland Farm website at: http://www.glenhighlandfarm.com/ghfdogs.htm


To read more about the rescue operation see the following link:


One response to “Puppy Mill Busted – 8 Dogs Come to Glen Highland Farm

  1. We had a cruelty case at the DVHS (in Sidney) a couple of years ago. It involved Shelties and I can remember all the weekends we spent bathing them. It takes like 3 baths to get the smell out. I really feel for the work they have ahead of them, but it’s all worth it in the end!

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