A word or two on high protein food

I was doing some research on high protein canned dog foods. It looks like Wellness CORE comes in the highest at 12%.

core cans

While 12% protein is quite a bit higher than most other canned foods which average 8%, there are times when a high protein food is just the ticket, such as during sustained levels of stress or times of high energy demand.

Some examples of these times are:
Performance sports, competitions or showing
Recovery from surgery or illness
Breeding, lactating and weaning

On the other hand, a higher protein food also means higher levels of Calcium and Phosphates. Higher levels of these nutrients are usually not a good idea for dogs with special health conditions.


2 responses to “A word or two on high protein food

  1. My vet said a high protein puppy food would be bad for my toy poodle since it could cause liver damage later on. My dog’s foster mom who’s a toy poodle breeder had told me to feed him the puppy chow his whole life, but after checking with my vet, I’m feeding him Innova Little Bites a regular adult dog chow.

  2. Hi Lynn,
    There are varying opinions on whether or not high protein is a good idea.
    In my personal opinion, like with any food, I think it really depends on the dog.

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