Fun with wildlife

Lately we’ve been interacting with a lot of wildlife; whether we want to or not!

Walking the dogs around the pond, Baxter found a dead muskrat. He grabbed it and it hung out of both sides of his mouth, yuk! Fortunately he was willing to trade it for some freeze-dried chicken. Further into the walk we startled an adult turkey. Hannah gave chase, but I don’t think she got it. Later we scared up the rest of the turkeys – a bunch of babies and two more adults!

The fun with wildlife continued the next day. I came home from work and Baxter was in the yard barking like crazy – a hedgehog, or perhaps more likely a young fisher cat, was behind the wood pile.

About 1/2 through unstacking and then restacking the wood pile I thought maybe I should have left the job to Baxter…


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