When scared is the starting point.

First let me tell you that we have officially adopted Emma and have given her a new name to start her off on the rest of her life with our family. Emma is now called Hannah. We tried to take a picture of all the dogs together, but we need more practice in that department…

Ray and dogs 0509_3

Ray and dogs 0509_4

Hannah is a beautiful girl, with a beautiful spirit, but fear and uncertainty rule her world. This concern comes out in different ways, but is particularly noticeable in her carriage. Even after being in our house for three weeks, she will sometimes approach us in a half crouch/walk, almost looking like a girl dog that is going to pee, but really she is just keeping herself low to the ground and submissive as her tail wags. She seeks attention, but her eyes tend to look at you sideways, rather than straight on.

So, when being fearful and uncertain of most everything is your starting point, it doesn’t take much to get to full blown terror.

The other day we were all outside in the back yard. Our neighbor Jim, who is a lovely, kind man, headed our way to have a word with Ray. Ray left the back yard to meet Jim half way, so even though the two men were about 20 feet from the fenced area, Hannah went on high alert and became very anxious. She barked at Jim a couple times. Not the “hey you this is my yard” kind of bark, but more of an “I see you, go away, don’t look at me” kind of bark. Mainly though she paced. At the opposite end of the yard, keeping the men in sight, but being as far away as possible. She paced with some speed, back and forth, and kept her body as close to ground as possible, while still moving at a trot.

During this time, Hannah was not literally trapped, she could have gone in the house at any time, but she seemed like someone watching an accident in slow motion. Helpless to stop it, but compelled to keep looking.

Helping Hannah to overcome her fears will be a challenge, but one that we will gladly undertake to help this beautiful girl get more joy out of life.

She does relax sometimes. Here is a picture of Ray on the couch with Hannah and Blu.

Hannah_Ray on Couch 0509_Sm


2 responses to “When scared is the starting point.

  1. You can not emagine my surprise as I sit here being nosey to find Emma/Hannah write ups. First let me say she looks AWESOME, and second I miss her tons. So glad she landed in the right home, I am so happy for all of you. Thank you for loving her.

    • Thanks Kay, she is doing great! I have Hannah off-leash now on our walks and she loves the independance. I think it makes her braver in other situations too. I brought her to the store once and she mostly hid under the front counter, but started to relax under there and was all sprawled out taking a nap for a while. Check back from time to time as I’m sure there will be more write-up that include Hannah.

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