Burn that Energy

If you have one of those high energy dogs that loves tennis balls and is always looking for something to do, consider investigating the sport of Flyball. For the professional handlers this is serious competition, but for the dogs it’s crazy fun.

Basically Flyball is a sport where the dog has to jump over 4 hurdles, hit a box that shoots out a tennis ball, catch the ball and then run back over the 4 hurdles as fast as possible. This is a relay event, so there are two teams that run at the same time on two parallel courses and there are four dogs with four handlers on each team. The dogs run one after the other and the team that accurately finishes first wins.

One of the funny things about this sport is that the height of the hurdles is determined by the shortest dog on the team, so you will often find teams with three larger dogs and one Jack Russell or other small active dog. This is an equal opportunity sport, so any breed or mixed-breed of dog can participate.

For more information check out the North American Flyball Association’s website:

Or check our their video at:

Or another fun video from a Flyball Group in Texas:
(Wait for the bloopers about 2:50 minutes into the video)


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