Emma’s Progress

Things are going well with Emma so far. She is gradually becoming more comfortable in our environment, but there is still a long road ahead. We are happy with the small steps and each day she progresses a little more.

Emma_End Wk 1_May 09_sm

There were two big accomplishments this week: Emma now sleeps in the bed that is at the foot of the stairs, instead of in her hiding space in the back room, and this morning she came upstairs and lay down in the general area of our bedroom.

Emma’s mode of operation when conquering new territory is to slink into a room and then lay down. Get up, pace back out of the room or to the door, lay down. Get up, come back to where she really wants to be, maybe whine just a little, and then go back to the door. Come back in, lay down. Get up, pace, lay down. This can go on for quite some time until she either decides to settle in the new space or give up and go back to a space where she is more comfortable.

The boys (Blu & Baxter) are enjoying good play sessions with Emma in the mornings now. Blu is always the initiator, but then they all three get going chasing each other around the yard. The each have their role: Blu is the initiator and chasee, Emma is the chaser, and Baxter plays defense, acting as a bumper and deflecting the run pattern.

I made the mistake of trying to take a few pictures last night and forgot to turn off the flash. When Emma saw the flash she equated it to the lightening in a thunder storm and instantly became nervous. She ended up in her hiding place, where I got one more picture, and then I had to put the camera away for a while. I hope to try again for more pictures in a few days.

Emma in her hiding spot May 09_sm


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