Introducing Emma

emmafrontEmma is our newest foster dog. If our last foster dog, Kelly, was a house-a-fire, Emma is just the opposite: timid, shy and very sound sensitive. We’ve only had Emma for a couple days, so all of we’re all still learning about her.

Blu and Baxter think she’s pretty cute and might be fun to play with if she loosens up a bit. Gracie, said “oh another dog, whatever”. And Shiloh was pretty much in the same boat, “whatever”.

Emma has staked out a sheltered area in our back room as hers, but she’ll brave other areas of the house if I bring her with me on leash. The longer she stays in other parts of the house with me, the more comfortable she is becoming going there on her own.

Stay tuned; I’m sure there will be more to report as Emma comes out of her shell.


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