The Right Car for the Dog

One of my criteria when it’s time to look for a new car is whether or not we can get a large crate into the vehicle. Our dog Gracie is deaf and mostly blind, so the flashing light and speeding landscape of a car ride really freaks her out. By transporting her in a covered crate, we can help her to stay calmer.

While there are a lot of cute little economical cars that I would like, a lot of these won’t support that large crate. Another consideration is how Gracie is going to get into the crate once it is in the vehicle. She’s a big dog that doesn’t like to be picked up, so I need her to have enough clearance that she can jump into the vehicle and into the crate.

In a Bark Magazine article this month, I discovered a website called   


On the site, they have dog compatibility reviews on a number of vehicles. If you’re in the market for another car, check it out, or see how your current vehicle stacks up by the reviewers.


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